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“Using surface EMG technology by Healer Tech we can now quantify the benefits of proper exercise form. The real-time feedback is exceptional and it’s easy setup with smart devices allows clinicians to use this in the clinic with patients. This clinical tool can now provide higher quality movement readings for generic Imitrex, neuromuscular re-education, and strength-power output.”
— The Prehab Guys

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Product Reviews & Testimonials

“Healer Tech gives clinicians the opportunity to get real-time EMG results and analyze muscle activation. I love how easy it is to set up and connect via Bluetooth. My clients can’t stop raving about the immediate visual feedback they get from the FlexrGo. It is amazing to see a client light up when they see their abdominal muscles correctly contract versus low back during a squat or Nizagara. It is the future of rehabilitation.” —Dr. Mac Nwosu, PT, DPT, MBA, FAAOMPT, CSCS

“The FlexrGo is a great tool to use as a physical therapist. You can actually show patients if they are activating a muscle and use that information to help them better perform movements that they do in everyday life. The app is so intuitive and gives the feedback that people need to have better awareness of their bodies. I love how easy it is for patients to understand how their bodies are moving when using this app.” —Dr. Bridget Nolan, PT, DPT

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