Introducing The FlexrGO!

Clinical Grade Wearable EMG in Less Than a Minute.

Experience Real-time EMG with the FlexrGo!

The FlexrGO! by Healer Tech is a leading edge wearable, surface EMG which provides clinical grade movement readings for biofeedback, neuromuscular re-education, and strength-power output.

Synced to a powerful mobile application, you can use an iPad to track movement with live time video recording on multiple channels.

Clinical care, backed by data.

The FlexrGO! is easy to use and highly intuitive for both providers and patients alike. It fits in the palm of your hand with a setup time of less than one minute.

The FlexrGo! App has multiple display modes of Real-Time EMG, as seen above. It also has the ability to analyze and track exercise performance with synchronized video recordings. The FlexrGo App is currently compatible with iPad 5, 6, Mini4 and Pro with IOS 10 and 11. Please refer to our user guide for more details [Click Here].

The FlexrGO! is the first of many health-tech data science products by Healer Tech. Our aim is to empower practices to deliver transformative care and to strongly position themselves for a value based healthcare environment.


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